AP Exams

What is AP?

What is AP Test?

While in high school, taking AP exam could save your time and money to get college admissions easily and Stand Out to Colleges. But the most important factor of taking the AP Exams allows you to Earn College Credit Hours and Placement.

How many AP's? - There are total of 38 AP's, where students can choose as per the Major of study in Undergraduate level. Selecting 5 AP's in high school and scoring good, could place the student well in the college level.

What is the score of AP Tests? – Each and every AP subject varies on scale of 1 to 5. The higher score, the students gets in AP test is 5 and an average score is 3

Who can do AP? – There is no restrictions to do the AP Exam Preparation. Any student who wish to attempt the AP test, could register through the school AP coordinator and do the Exam. AP Exam's happens every year during the month of May and student could choose the subject and apply.

How to prepare for the AP Test? – Preparing for the AP exam requires alot of time and practice to get the required score. At The Preparation Review we help our students to get ready by learning the subject knowledge and test taking techniques to score high.

AP Exams

History and Social Sciences

• AP Comparative Government and Politics
• AP European History
• AP Human Geography
• AP Macroeconomics
• AP Microeconomics
AP Psychology
• AP United States Government and Politics
• AP United States History
• AP World History: Modern

AP Capstone Diploma Program

• AP Research
• AP Seminar


• AP Biology
AP Chemistry
• AP Environmental Science
• AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based
• AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based
• AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
• AP Physics C: Mechanics

Math and Computer Science

• AP Calculus AB
• AP Calculus BC
• AP Computer Science A
• AP Computer Science Principles
• AP Statistics


• AP Art and Design Program
• AP Art History
• AP Music Theory

AP World Languages and Cultures

• AP Chinese Language and Culture
• AP French Language and Culture
• AP German Language and Culture
• AP Italian Language and Culture
• AP Japanese Language and Culture
• AP Latin
• AP Spanish Language and Culture


• AP English Language and Composition
• AP English Literature and Composition

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Course Features

Our Best AP Test prep courses

• Total duration: 20 hours (20 hrs Instruction) per subject.
• Number of Classes: 10 Classes.
• Class Duration: 2 hours per class.
• Online study resources/materials.
• Mock Exams: 2 Practice Tests.
• Trainer: Experienced Trainer.
• Online Preparation using through Microsoft Teams